How to become a part of SAYiT?

Find out about our groups, how we can support you and what we're all about!

If you are aged 11-25 and identify as LGBT+ or are questioning your gender and/or sexuality, SAYiT is the place for you!

We appreciate how hard it can be to make the first step but we would love for you to get in touch. Even if you are not completely sure of your gender identity or sexuality yet, you will be met with understanding and a smile!

At SAYiT you can

  • Attend our LGBT+ youth groups
  • Access information and support
  • Meet and make friends with like-minded people
  • Take part in a range of exciting opportunities
  • Attend local events and activities

 click here to watch a promotional video.

SAYiT run three youth groups for LGBT+ or questioning young people between the ages of 11-25.
11-17 year olds meet in a central location on a Thursday evening.
18-25 years old meet in a central location monthly on a Wednesday evening.

(Both groups are currently taking place online)

Youth programmes

We design and offer great activities and workshops that are requested by members at our youth groups. In 2019 we had people come in to deliver things like, spoken word and drama workshops, had animals come visit the groups, made tye die tops, we also had educational session around autism, trans awareness, LGBT+ history and self care. We do games nights, film nights, chill out sessions and much more!

Over the school holidays we plan projects and events like visiting the theatre, cinema, exhibitions, arts and crafts, trips etc. We currently have some of our work up in the Weston Park Museum from our 2019 Easter Project!

Fruitbowl                             11-17 years old

Fruitbowl is a safe place for the questioning and the proud, where you can explore your gender identity and sexuality in a safe supporting environment.

Younger Fruitbowl   11-14 years old      Thursdays 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

Older Fruitbowl         15-17 years old      Thursdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

 (Groups currently taking place online)

Please contact us to make a referral and for more details. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Between 5.30pm and 6.00pm group members of older and younger Fruitbowl come together to get some snacks and chill out which can ease the transition for those approaching 15 years old.

You can refer yourself to SAYiT or you can be referred by teachers, youth workers, family members, social workers, the police, GPs and any other professionals.

 “Fruitbowl has been amazing. I have met so many nice people and the workers are brilliant, and always there to help you if you have a problem.”

SAYiT GSA                         11-25 years old

We have our very own gender sexuality alliance (GSA) at SAYiT. This group is about empowerment and participation and is active in changing and improving the lives of LGBT+ people. 

So far the GSA groups have-

  • Organised events
  • Taken part in fundraisisng
  • Organised the residential for all our young people to attend
  • Taken part in discussions with SAYiT staff and trustees around service design and improvement
  • Participated in a consultation around trans experiences which was then used to write the report “Experiences of health and care in Sheffield’s trans community” 

This groups frequency, date and time changes depending on the projects we are currently focusing on. Please get in touch to find out what we’re up to at the moment .

Prism                                     18-25 years old

SAYiT’s over 18 group is called Prism. 

We meet monthly on a Wednesday evening from 6:00pm – 8:00pm in Sheffield City Centre.

(This group is currently taking place online)

Expect a range of social opportunities, support and activities including art making, film nights,  games, quiz nights and the opportunity to speak to our team about any issues or difficulties you may be experiencing.

For more information please contact

‘’I feel more confident since I’ve been coming to SAYiT. I feel well supported and I’ve got lots of friends here.’’

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