We will be sharing some stories from our volunteers about their life experiences as LGBT+ people. Next up is Joe’s Story:

When/how did you first ‘come out’ and what was it like?
”I remember my first come out was in my secondary school by a different classmate told me there is a rumor that everyone in his class knows I like the guy in his class. At that moment, I felt uncomfortable and shameful becoz I am not the same as everyone. Indeed, I am a gay but less of confidence. I wanted to hide myself and hoped friends and people around me do not know I am a gay. It was a daunting and exhausting experience.

However, if I can have a chance to go back, I would change my mind and be confident to face those people telling them I am different because I am unique. Also, be happy all the time, even people whisper behind me. It is not late to be myself and love myself.”

Joe Wang,
SAYiT Volunteer,

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