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Training Sessions for Professionals


SAYiT delivers the following participative and inclusive training courses. All these can be tailored to a bespoke training course for your needs as an organisation/service.

All sessions are 1/2 a day.

  • LGBT+ Awareness – Addressing the Needs of LGBT+ Young People in Schools and Youth Settings
  • Ensuring Services and Primary Care are Young People, Black and Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER), and
  • LGBT+ Inclusive
  • HIV Education
  • Young people and sexual health: introductory course
  • Trans Awareness


“I have been reflecting on the messages I heard about how relatively simple adjustments to facilities and gender classification can make such a difference to how gender diversity is perceived and experienced by young people and those working with them, as well as the wider community.  I am talking to colleagues in public health and thinking about how we can implement change to help improve awareness and positivity towards young people questioning and facing dramatic changes in their gender identity.”

Please get in touch to discuss dates and prices for these sessions.

Training Programme for Workers and Volunteers

All SAYiT’s training courses are LGBT+ inclusive and are mindful of inequalities and diversity. The courses are participative and use a variety of techniques to address the learning needs of trainees and the different ways that people learn and take in information.

LGBT+ Awareness – Addressing the Needs of LGBT+ Young People in Schools and Youth Settings – ½ day course
Research shows that LGBT+ young people are at much higher risk of suicide and self-harm compared to heterosexual and cisgender young people. LGBT+ youth rates of suicide attempts can be between four and seven times those of their heterosexual and cisgender peers

Course Objectives:

  • Learn about key terms, language and identities of LGBT+ people
  • Consider the impact of stigma, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and discrimination on LGBT+ young people
  • Identify key issues and how to address these in schools and youth settings to support young people, to promote inclusion and to address inequalities
  • Identify key support organisations and resources
Ensuring Services and Primary Care are Young People, Black and Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BAMER), and LGBT+ Inclusive – ½ day course
Course Objectives:

  • Sexual health, relationships, the law and confidentiality
  • Exploring key values
  • What young, BAMER and LGBT+ patients want from GP and sexual health services
  • Patients’ anxieties about accessing and using GP and sexual health services
  • How to communicate effectively with groups who experience poorer sexual health (young people, BAMER groups, LGBT+ people)
  • How to make services as good as they can be for all patients
HIV Education – ½ day course
Course Objectives:

  • Present information about HIV and AIDS
  • Examine the impact of HIV stigma and discrimination
  • Explore how to tackle HIV stigma in schools and youth settings
  • Present teaching materials for a diversity of ages and groups
Young people and sexual health: introductory course – ½ day course
Course Objectives:

  • Address key issues facing young people, including puberty, sexual consent, sexting and social media
  • Consider issues of gender and sexual orientation
  • How to communicate with young people about sex, relationships, sexual health and related issues
  • Developing self-esteem and positive choices
Trans Awareness - ½ day course
Course Objectives:

  • Present the spectrum of language, terminology and identities related to ‘Trans’
  • Explore the 2010 Equality Act and legal obligations
  • Examine the components of gender identity and expression
  • Explore transphobia and its impact
  • Enable participants to make practical changes within their professional practice, and organisations, to be inclusive of trans people

CALL IT OUT Training Sessions


Our CALL IT OUT LGBT+ Domestic Abuse project is currently funded to deliver training sessions to domestic and sexual abuse and housing and homelessness organisations in South Yorkshire.

We curently offer the following sessions under this project:


CALL IT OUT: LGBT+ Awareness
Course Objectives:

  • Improve your knowledge on levels of domestic abuse in LGBT+ communities
  • Improve your understanding about what is meant by Sexual Identity and Gender Identity
  • Improve your knowledge of terminology around sexual and gender identities e.g. what is meant by cis gender and non-binary
  • Improve your confidence to support LGBT+ service users
  • Learn best practice in collecting information on sexual identity and gender identity and trans history
CALL IT OUT: LGBT+ Domestic Abuse

Course Objectives:

  • Types of abuse LGBT+ experience – including focus on sexual abuse, chemsex and apps, forced marriage, spousal veto
  • Why are LGBT+ people at risk of Domestic Abuse
  • Barriers to accessing support
  • Exploring why as practitioners we might fail to spot LGBT+ DA
  • Programmes for LGBT+ survivors / perpetrators
  • Survivor stories

Please note these sessions follow on from the 1st round of LGBT+ Awareness Training. It is not a compulsory requirement to have attended the first round of training, but for these sessions an existing basic understanding of LGBT+ identities will be assumed.

Bespoke Training Courses

Bespoke LGBT+ and Sexual Health training courses to meet your organisation’s specific needs, at a venue of your choice.

Contact for further information and for details of costs, availability etc.

To book any of the above training courses for your staff or organisation, and to enquire about costs, please contact


SAYiT runs events year round. Our range of events cater to professionals working across a variety of sectors and covers a wide range of topics. Please see our event page and social media accounts for more information on how you can get involved in our upcoming events, conferences and think tanks.

“Thank you for planning and delivering such a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the needs and experience of Trans young people at last Monday’s conference; it was great to see so many people there.  The line-up of speakers was diverse, informative and powerfully moving and the participation from young people was impressive.”

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