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SAYiT have developed four core training programmes, aimed at all businesses and service providers who want to ensure their environment is LGBT+ inclusive. Our aim is to assist everyone in how to become familiar with LGBT+ language and terminology, be more confident in understanding how LGBT+ people experience the world, and how to identify further support.

Our training is interactive, and provides space to ask questions. Training can be delivered online or in person. All training materials are provided by SAYiT.

All sessions are 1/2 a day and suitable for up to 20 attendees.

  • LGBT+ Awareness
  • LGBT+ History
  • LGBT+ Sexual Health
  • Trans Awareness

 Please get in touch to discuss dates and prices for these sessions.

Training Programme

All SAYiT’s training courses are LGBT+ inclusive and are mindful of inequalities and diversity. The courses are participative and use a variety of techniques to address the learning needs of trainees and the different ways that people learn and take in information. Download our Training Brochure here

LGBT+ Awareness – ½ day course
LGBT+ Awareness

Our LGBT+ Awareness training covers everything from the difference between sexuality, sex and gender, right through to the language and terminology used by the LGBT+ community, and the current UK laws that protect us.

Learning outcomes from this course include:

  • A clear understanding of the difference between sex and gender.
  • How to promote inclusion, and become an ally.
  • Understanding the impact of LGBT+ phobia and discrimination.
  • A familiarity with key terms, language and LGBT+ identities.
  • Knowledge of the laws that protect LGBT+ people.
  • How to identify support, and signposting.
LGBT+ History – ½ day course
LGBT+ History

Our LGBT+ History training looks at how our rights in the UK were fought for, and the impact the UK has had on LGBT+ rights across the world. We cover historic LGBT+ figures, and how the LGBT+ community has enriched British society in every aspect of our lives.

The learning outcomes from this course include:

  • Knowledge of historic gay, bi, lesbian and trans figures, and their impact on British society.
  • Understanding how trans identities are embedded in societies all over the world.
  • How LGBT+ people have fought for rights, in the UK and abroad.
  • The laws that currently exist to protect LGBT+ people, and their effectiveness.
  • How the British Empire affected LGBT+ rights in colonised nations, and the real impact of this.
LGBT+ Sexual Health – ½ day course
LGBT+ Sexual Health

A sexual health programme aimed at helping those who work with young LGBT+ people. How to approach various aspects of sexual health, including avoidance and control of STIs, and recognising what a healthy LGBT+ relationship looks like.

The learning outcomes from this course include:

  • Understanding how to control STIs for gay, bi, lesbian and trans people.
  • How to use barriers, such as condoms and dental dams, effectively.
  • Becoming comfortable in discussing sex with young LGBT+ people.
  • What a healthy LGBT+ relationship looks like.
  • Identify support and signposting.
Trans Awareness Training – ½ day course
Trans, Non Binary and Gender Awareness

This training programme is aimed at everyone who wants to know more about trans and non binary identities, and how to make your workplace and/or services more inclusive. We look at language and terminology, and help everyone to become confident in using the correct pronouns and non gendered language.

The learning outcomes from this course include:

  • Understanding trans and non binary identities.
  • Knowledge of historic trans figures, and their impact on British society.
  • Seeing how trans and non binary identities are embedded in societies all over the world.
  • Familiarity with key terms and language used by trans and non binary people.
  • Consider the impact of trans and non binary phobia and discrimination.
  • How to promote inclusion, and become an ally.

Online LGBT+ Awareness Training Course

We are running a monthly online Multi Agency LGBT+ Awareness Training Course.

This is a half day course and suitable for all organisations.

To book on please visit our Eventbrite page

Bespoke Training Courses

Bespoke LGBT+ and Sexual Health training courses to meet your organisation’s specific needs, at a venue of your choice.

Contact for further information and for details of costs, availability etc.

To book any of the above training courses for your staff or organisation, and to enquire about costs, please contact



SAYiT runs events year round. Our range of events cater to professionals working across a variety of sectors and covers a wide range of topics. Please see our event page and social media accounts for more information on how you can get involved in our upcoming events, conferences and think tanks.

“Thank you for planning and delivering such a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the needs and experience of Trans young people at last Monday’s conference; it was great to see so many people there.  The line-up of speakers was diverse, informative and powerfully moving and the participation from young people was impressive.”

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