Call It Out

A year-long project aiming to improve access to domestic abuse services for LGBT+ people across South Yorkshire.


Call It Out Resources

Factsheet: Advice for friends/family of LGB and/or T+ people who might be in abusive relationships


 4 page .pdf resource


Factsheet: Advice for friends/family of LGB and/or T+ people who might be an abusive/controlling partner


5 page .pdf resource


Factsheet: Key Definitions and Terminology


1 page .pdf resource including:


  • Domestic Abuse definition
  • Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Terms

Factsheet: LGBT+ and the law: A guide for service providers


2 page .pdf resource including:


  • Who is and isn’t protected under the Equality Act 2010
  • Single sex exemptions
  • Other legislation
  • Best practice

Factsheet: Challenging our thinking as Practitioners around LGBT+ Domestic Abuse


2 page .pdf resource including:


  • Common myths and facts about LGBT+ experiences of domestic abuse
  • Barriers for LGBT+ accessing services
  • How professionals can address some of these issues

Factsheet: Collecting Info on a Service User’s Gender and Sexual Identity


2 page .pdf resource including:


  • Why do we need to ask?
  • Staff confidence
  • Tips on how to ask these questions
  • Best practice when asking questions about gender and sexual identities
  • Example questions 

South Yorkshire LGBT+ Organisations


6 page .pdf resource including:


  • Information and contact details for LGBT+ groups and support services in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Domestic Abuse Services


4 page .pdf resource including:


  • Domestic Abuse Services
  • Mental Health Services

LGBT+ Faith and BAMER support groups


4 page .pdf resource including:


  • Contact info for Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Islam, Jewish, Sikh and other faith and BAMER organisations

Factsheet: LGBT+ Translations


1 page .pdf resource including:


  • Translations of common LGBT+ terms into 9 languages

PowerPoint: Call It Out South Yorkshire LGBT+ Conference presentations


73 slide .pptx resource including:


  • Raising awareness about DVA in the relationships of LGB and/or T+ people, Prof Catherine Donavon, Durham University
  • Trans and non-binary people, domestic violence and abuse (DVA) and cisgenderism, Dr Michaela Rogers, University of Sheffield
  • Recognise & Respond: Strengthening advocacy for LGBT survivors of domestic abuse, Dr Jasna Magic, Galop

Brochure: Call It Out South Yorkshire LGBT+ Conference


14 page .pdf resource including:


  • Conference programme
  • Key definitions and terminology
  • Speakers
  • Domestic Abuse Services

SAYiT LGBT+ 2021 Calendar


1 page .pdf resource including:


  • Monthly LGBT+ Awareness events

Transphobic Hate Crime in the Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Sector


20 page .pdf resource including:


  • Transgender experiences of Hate Crime & Discrimination
  • Trans-Exclusion in Women’s Services
  • How to access support as a a victim of a Transphobia Hate Crime.
  • I’m a professional working in the VAWG sector – how do I ensure my practice in
    17. I’m a Domestic Abuse

Other Resources

akt – the LBGTQ+ Youth Homelessness Report (2021) is a piece of research that centres the voices and experiences of lgbtq+ young people who have faced any form of homelessness in the last five years. akt  spoke to young people about familial abuse and rejection, discrimination in services, the impact of homelessness and their recommendations for making services more inclusive.



 36 page .pdf resource


Galop: LGBT+ people’s experiences of domestic abuse


36 page.pdf resource

A report on Galop’s domestic abuse advocacy service by Dr Jasna Magić and Peter Kelley

Galop: Recognise & Respond


63 page.pdf resource including:

  • LGBT+ survivors in research
  • LGBT+ specialist frontline services

Free To Be Safe: LGBT+ people experiencing domestic abuse


49 page .pdf resource including:

  • Policy context: recognition and rights of LGBT+ people
  • Key Findings and recommendations

Respect Phoneline: Are you hurting the one you LOVE? – Information for men who have
intimate relationships with men


32 page .pdf resource including:

  • Is there abuse and violence in your
  • Examples of different types of abuse
  • How does your abuse affect your partner / children?
  • Ongoing help and support

Stonewall: Supporting trans women in domestic and sexual violence services – Interviews with professionals in the sector


31 page.pdf resource including:

  • Responding to requests for support
  • Supporting trans survivors
  • Engaging staff and other service users
  • Understanding the law

Out of sight, out of mind?


36 page .pdf resource including:

  • Definitions and terminology 
  • Demographics
  • Experiences of domestic abuse
  • Other type of gender based violence
  • Impact of domestic abuse
  • Seeking help and support

Sheffield DACT



Sheffield DACT has the responsibility for commissioning domestic abuse and sexual abuse services and the implementation of the Sheffield Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategy in Sheffield. 

National LGBT Survey: Summary Report


28 page .pdf resource including:

  • Life in the UK
  • Safety
  • Education
  • Health
  • Workplace

The Supernova Project



The Supernova Project is a global effort that aims to contribute to addressing abuse within the LGBTQIA+  communities*. They want to empower queer and trans people around the world who are experiencing domestic abuse by providing a queer friendly platform of information and support.

Galop LGBT+ DV Library



Collection providing direct links to resources relevant for LGBT+ people, service providers working with LGBT+ victims of domestic abuse and researchers interested in the topic. It includes UK based resources, available online and published after 2000.

ROAR Because silence is deadly


A report on the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

43 page .pdf resource including:

  • Survey findings and recommendations

LGBT Power and Control Wheel


1 page .pdf resource including:

  • Adapted version of the power and control wheel to include LGBT relationships

Galop: Staying Safe Online When Accessing LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Support

3 page .pdf resource including:

  • Getting Help Online
  • Browser history
  • Logging out
  • Private browsing
  • Using public computers
  • Spyware
  • Detecting & Removing Spyware

Galop: Emergency Accommodation and Housing Support for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender + (LGBT+) Survivors of Domestic Abuse

3 page .pdf resource including:

  • Finding yourself without a safe home
  • Going to your local council
  • Making an application
  • Refuge accommodation
  • Housing associations
  • Support organisations

Galop: Domestic Violence and Abuse, and The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender + (LGBT+) Communities

4 page .pdf resource including:

  • What is domestic violence and abuse?
  • LGBT+ people’s experiences of domestic abuse
  • Domestic violence and abuse check sheet

Galop: Barriers Faced by Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender + (LGBT+) People in AccessingNon-LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Support Services

4 page .pdf resource including:

  • Personal barriers
  • Structural and cultural barriers
  • Challenges that LGBT+ survivors are facing when trying to access support services
  • Key Principles of LGBT+ Affirmative Support

Galop: Myths and Stereotypes About Partner Abuse Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT+)People

4 page .pdf resource including:

  • Myths which directly relate to abuse in in relationships where one or more partners identify as LGBT+

Safe Lives: Men
and boys’
of domestic

A report on the experiences of male survivors of
domestic abuse from across the UK.

5 page .pdf resource including:

  •  Survey findings
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