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Does your partner, former partner, or a family member:

☐ Call you names, humiliate and criticise or belittle you?


☐ Use your gender or sexuality as a basis for threats, intimidation or harm?


☐ Threaten to harm you or others that you love?


☐ Threaten to hurt your pets?


☐ Control your access to money and require you to account in detail for what you spend?


☐ Make unwanted advances or force you into unwanted sexual contact?


☐ Hit, shove, grab, kick, bite, slap, throw things, or use other forms of physical violence on you?

☐ Control or discourage your contact with friends, family, work, or the LGBT ‘scene’?


☐ Emotionally blackmail you and threaten to harm themselves if you leave or seek help?


☐ Limit your movement and monitors your whereabouts?


☐ Accuse you of cheating on them?


☐ Prevent you from working or attend school / education?


☐ Refuse to engage in safe sex?


☐ Blames their drinking or drug use for their abusive behaviour?


☐ Use, or threaten to use, a weapon against you?

☐ Damage your belongings?


☐ Intentionally use the wrong gender pronouns?


☐ Deny you access to medical treatment or hormones?


☐ Monitor your communication with others?


☐ Uses your race, immigration status, physical ability and/or ethnicity, against you?


☐ Pressure or force you into marriage without your consent?

☐ Blames you for their behaviour?


☐ Minimises the harm caused by their behaviour?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be experiencing domestic abuse.

To explore your options, contact:

Sheffield Domestic Abuse Helpline   0808 808 2241

Rotherham Rise 0330 202 0571

Barnsley Domestic Abuse Helpline   03000 110 110

Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub   01302 737080

National LGBT Domestic Abuse Helpline   0800 999 5428

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