Parents and Carers

For all parents and carers of any LGBT+ young person

At SAYiT we understand that you might need support too. We have staff that are here to answer any questions you might have whether that be on a 1:1 basis or as part of our Parents and Carers monthly meeting.

Parents and carers tell us that it is really useful for them to have somewhere safe and friendly to go to talk to other parents/carers whose young people are LGBT+. Even though most parents and carers are really supportive, they often worry about what is the right – or wrong – thing to say to their child in a variety of situations or how to deal with issues that arise, and they find it helpful to talk things through with others. 


For further information you can contact us at or call us on 0114 241 2728.

Parent and Carers group

SAYiT has been able to offer regular monthly meetings that any parent and/or carer of young LGBT+ people can attend, even if their young person does not attend any of the SAYiT youth groups themselves. SAYiT has an active Parents and Carers Group that meets on a monthly basis at Scotia Works close to Sheffield railway and bus stations. 

The meetings are held in the early evening, with drinks and biscuits at 5.45pm followed by the meeting from 6.00pm – 7.30pm.  Although informal, the sessions are run with a group agreement and are facilitated by two SAYiT staff members.  Each session has a discussion topic for the group to focus on and share their own experiences.

1:1 Support

Do you have questions about an LGBT+ child in your care? Or you’d like some support or advice?
Contact us at SAYiT and one of our Parent and Carers workers will be in touch to arrange a phone call, email conversation, a meet up or however else you’d prefer to communcation. Get in touch here.

Do you have questions about a young person coming out? You can read Stonewall’s advice and guidance for parents here or head over to our resources page.

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