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We are not currently recuiting

Working for SAYiT

Working for a small charity like SAYiT is a privilege and can be hugely rewarding – it can bring both personal satisfaction and personal challenge.

Ultimately, it is about being youth focussed, committed to equality, diversity and inclusion and having a strong sense of determination to promote the welfare of young people and empower them to make informed choices – enabling them to fulfil their potential.

Working with SAYiT and empowering young people brings with it enormous responsibilities in terms of promoting the rights of young people, ensuring their effective participation and engagement and representing the charity as well as building on its excellent reputation.

We asked one of the workers who recently left the organisation to give us her reflections on working at SAYiT:

What did you like most about your job?

I liked working for an organisation where you have the opportunity to work creatively and see projects through from conception to completion. We aren’t held back by bureaucracy, but have the freedom to make real changes in the world. We are a team held together by a strong sense of community and shared values – I feel I can be myself, I am understood by my colleagues and I can rely on a shared sense of purpose when developing and delivering work. A lot of staff comment on the laughs we have at work and that is something I experience too – a shared sense of humour means I enjoy working with my colleagues even though we are often working with difficult issues.

What advice would you offer for somebody wanting to work or volunteer for SAYiT?

The work can be amazing – I can look back with pride and see quality work that we as a team have created. Apply for the job if you feel you have a strong work ethic and deeply held commitment to LGBT+ rights. Expect to be challenged to work hard, to deadlines and producing quality work. This is a small organisation, which brings enormous benefits, but it also means there is nowhere to hide – you have to bring real project and staff management skills, as well as the self-awareness and maturity to be able to speak up when you don’t understand something or need more support– the work can be enormously satisfying, but you need to keep it in perspective and remember you have big parts of you that exist outside of work. You are here to work for/with LGBT+ young people, so need to understand the challenges they are going through and ensure you have the maturity to sometimes hear difficult stories that may be familiar to you and maintain your boundaries and objectivity.

Work Experience

Sorry, we cannot offer any work experience oppurtunities at this time.

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