Service Provider Examples

Celebrating good practice in services across South Yorkshire. The Call It Out project has been working with Domestic Abuse and Housing/Homelessness services across South Yorkshire to improve their practice at supporting LGBT+ survivors/victims of Domestic Abuse.

Here are some examples of work taking place in services to improve LGBT+ inclusion:

Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub

Poster Campaign

LGBT+ inclusive poster campaign created

✔ Uses visible LGBT+ imagery

✔ Explicitly states Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Trans / Non-Binary

✔ Displays rainbow and trans pride flags

Sheffield DACT

DASH form update

Gender question has been updated in line with best practice

✔ Recognises trans and non-binary identities

✔ Lists options alphabetically to not presume bias

✔ Gives an option to self-describe

If you have other examples of best practice and work that you have done to promote LGBT+ inclusion that you would like to higlight on this page, please contact us.

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