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Volunteer Stories pt. 6 – Volunteer Story

We will be sharing some stories from our volunteers about their life experiences as LGBT+ people. Next up is another volunteer’s Story: What was your experience of being a young LGBT+ person like (whether or not you were 'out')? I wasn't out as a young person,...

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Volunteer Stories, pt.5 – Vicki’s Story

We will be sharing some stories from our volunteers about their life experiences as LGBT+ people. Next up is Vicki’s Story: Moving From Point A to Point B by Vicki Faith - Trans woman living my life and doing my best to make it rock, yeah! I’ve often experienced...

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Volunteer Stories pt. 4 – Erin

We will be sharing some stories from our volunteers about their life experiences as LGBT+ people. Next up is Erin’s Story: Hello! My name is Erin, I have she/her pronouns and identify as asexual. I have just finished my final year in molecular biology at the...

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EHRC Open Letter

SAYiT have joined 38 LGBTQ+ organisations calling on the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to step up for communities amid rising anti-LGBTQ+ hate in the UK #TogtherWithTrans Read the open letter here:...

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Volunteer Stories pt. 3 – Katie

We will be sharing some stories from our volunteers about their life experiences as LGBT+ people. Next up is Katie’s Story: ''My name is Katie and I’m going to tell you about my experience growing up as a lesbian in the 80’s and 90’s. When I was at school the...

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Volunteer Stories pt. 2 – Joe Wang

We will be sharing some stories from our volunteers about their life experiences as LGBT+ people. Next up is Joe’s Story: When/how did you first 'come out' and what was it like? ''I remember my first come out was in my secondary school by a different classmate told me...

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SAYiT Volunteer Stories pt. 1 – Vicky

We will be sharing some stories from our volunteers about their life experiences as LGBT+ people. First up, is Vicky's Story: ''So where do I begin Pfff!!So at the age of 11 years old which was way back in 1988 I remember looking through my mum's Kay's catalogue at...

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