Learn more about SAYiT, what we do and where we're heading.

SAYiT (Sheena Amos Youth Trust) is a registered independent charity, CIO number 1177477, which has been running in Sheffield since 1999. We are a lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans plus (LGBT+) young people and sexual health/HIV charity and our core function is to transform the lives of LGBT+ young people and young people affected by HIV, up to the age of 25 through supportive group work, youth action, education and influence.

SAYiT’s Vision

To create an environment that supports the sexual and emotional wellbeing of young people and empowers LGBT+ young people and those affected by HIV to transform their own lives and that of their peers by addressing issues of awareness, developing knowledge and addressing organisational discrimination and inequality.


SAYiT’s Mission

To build an integrated youth led service that balances service delivery and activism in order to support the sexual health and emotional well-being of all young people through the provision of specialised support and social opportunities, with a particular focus on empowering LGBT+ young people and those young people affected by HIV.


SAYiT offers:

  • Group work and 1:1s for young people aged 11 – 25
  • Support for parents and carers of young LGBT+ people
  • Education sessions delivered directly to all young people in schools and youth settings in Sheffield on: LGBT+ awareness and support; HIV; and Sexual Health
  • Assemblies delivered directly to all young people in schools and youth settings in Sheffield on: LGBT+ awareness and support; Anti-bullying; PRIDE; HIV; and Sexual Health
  • Support with developing and sustaining Gender and Sexualities (GSA) groups for all young people in Sheffield schools and other youth settings
  • LGBT+ Domestic Abuse work – consulting LGBT+ people and advising/training organisations
  • Training for workers and adult volunteers delivered at a central Sheffield venue
  • Bespoke training courses to meet your specific needs at a venue of your choice in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and nationally

SAYiT is a trans inclusive space and welcomes people of all genders. We have a zero tolerance approach to discrimination, victimisation or harassment on the basis of a person’s gender identity.


SAYiT is a registered charity (no: 1177477) which has a long history of working with young people in Sheffield.

In 1999, we were set up as the Sheena Amos Youth Trust in recognition of a local NHS manager who worked tirelessly to provide sexual health care to those under 20.

Sheena died of breast cancer five years earlier, but her legacy lives on through SAYiT’s efforts to carry her vision forward.

Today, we provide support and social opportunities for young people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or affected by HIV.

SAYiT works with young people aged from 12 to 25, including those who are most vulnerable or marginalised. Our range of groups provide expert practical advice, emotional support and social opportunities for those who need them – no questions asked.

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