Places to meet other young people like you and get practical help.

SAYiT runs several projects and groups that can help you with real day-to-day issues and give you the chance to meet other LGBT+ young people in a safe environment. We also offer one-to-ones.

Our groups are a great space where you can make friends, learn new skills and be who you are without being judged. Meeting people just like you who share your story can be very beneficial and make you feel better about yourself.

We design and offer great activities and workshops that are requested by members, so we know they are relevant and interesting. As well as educational sessions and both practical and emotional support, our groups are also a place to have fun. We plan events like visiting the theatre, cinema, exhibitions and other LGBT-relevant experiences that will further enrich you as an LGBT+ person.


These two groups are for LGBT young people under the age of 18.

Younger Fruitbowl
This is a group for people who are LGBT+ or questioning and are aged 12, 13, 14 or 15.
We meet on Thursday evenings from 4:00pm – 6:00pm.

Older Fruitbowl
This is a group for people who are LGBT+ or questioning and are aged 16 or 17.
We meet on a Thursday evenings from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

Both sessions offer a drop-in one-to-one meeting with a member of the team before the group begins and each week there is the opportunity for the group members of older and younger Fruitbowl to meet each other with the team leaders which can ease the transition as the young people approach 16 years old.

“Fruitbowl has been amazing. I have met so many nice people and the workers are brilliant, and always there to help you if you have a problem.”

Young people refer themselves to the project or are referred by teachers, youth workers, family members, social workers, the police, GPs and other professionals. Please contact us to make a referral and get all the relative details of the venue and the dates and times of our weekly meetings.


Stop Hate Crime

You can even report hate crimes through us. Because we’re a third party reporting centre, you don’t have to go to the police – you can come to SAYiT instead with confidence.

Who can experience a hate crime?

A hate crime is a criminal offence targeted towards someone due to prejudice or hatred towards a persons actual or perceived characteristics which includes:

  • Religion or belief
  • Race or ethnicity
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity
  • Disability

This means that you can be a victim of hate crime if you a straight but are perceived to be gay by the perpetrator.

What counts as a hate crime?

Anything that is illegal!

  • Assault
  • Blackmail
  • Exploitation
  • Harrassment
  • Intimidation
  • Threat

Reporting a hate crime

It is really important to report a hate crime so that the police can recognise it as an issue, and punish the perpetrators. There are different ways you can report a hate crime, whether you have been a victim, a witness, or reporting on behalf of someone else.

You can report hate crimes through the Sheffield Pride website here.

In an emergency – call 999

Contact the police – get in touch with your local police force. Details on your local police force can be found at here.

Third party reporting centres – local agencies and organisations can report an incidence on your behalf as well as give you support and advice. A list of third party reporting centres can be found here.

Remember that you can also report incidences of hate crime to SAYiT as we are a third party reporting centre!

Crimestoppers – You can also contact Crimestoppers who are an independent crime fighting charity. You can report hate crimes by calling 0800 555111 or through their website.